“È la terra che nutre l’uomo, non l’industria.”

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All of the people offered composed or verbal accept to engage

Lookup was a student in conformity for the declaration away from Helsinki, and acceptance away from ethical conditions to possess Try step 1 got from the the fresh new ethics committee of Institute of Mental Sciences, College out-of Leeds.

Gear and you may stimulus

Brand new try was controlled by good Linux manage Pc using PsyToolkit app (Stoet 2010). A great 17" colour display screen and you may a good Cedrus USB piano (model RB-834) were utilized getting stimulus speech and you can impulse subscription, respectively. Of your own Cedrus piano, only a couple of keys were used. They certainly were this new keys closest towards the participant (step three.dos ? dos.2 cm each, which have cuatro.step 3 cm between the two buttons), and therefore we shall subsequent reference due to the fact kept and you may best key, respectively.

A rectangular figure (7 ? 8 cm) with a higher and lower area (Contour 2a) try presented. The language "shape" and you can "filling" had been presented above and you can underneath the body type, correspondingly. After that four vital stimuli were used in various other samples (Shape 2b). Such four was in fact the blend out-of a couple of shapes (diamond and you may rectangle) and you may a satisfying off 2 or three groups.