“È la terra che nutre l’uomo, non l’industria.”

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Countering of the appropriating a narrative typically applied to almost every other age groups

The fresh “romance” theme, after that, can be seen because the a table story whenever put on later on lifetime matchmaking, you to appropriated from a narrative generally speaking of matchmaking earlier in lifetime

Ladies narratives away from matchmaking and remarriage into the after lives affect grasp narratives in their talks about several templates. The first ones is actually “companionship” due to the fact an important top priority when you look at the a romance. This was narrated due to the fact a separate top priority, one which wasn't as essential in earlier relationships. That it theme ergo brings up on the master narrative and therefore emphasizes the brand new significance of companionship inside after life dating. Yet not, while the chatted about lower than, the women mark on the dog owner narrative that have extreme certification: companionship isn’t viewed as a substitute for love and you will closeness, like in the dog owner narrative, but rather as a whole very important part of the connection.

“Not too eager” brings away from a master narrative of old-fashioned intercourse opportunities.